BS Standard Attachment Chain

Tsubaki BS Standard Attachment Chain

For common applications, Tsubaki can provide you with an outstanding range of Attachment Chain. The chain is manufactured according to the appropriate European Standards.

This chain is based on standard BS roller chain and assembled with attachments for conveying.

Key Features

Customised Pre-Lubrication Service
Proper lubrication is the key to extend the life and improve the performance of a chain. In order to get the best performance in general applications (-10°C to +60°C), all BS drive chains are pre-lubricated. BS attachment chains however are NOT prelubricated, but have been treated with rust preventive oil for protection and therefore need to be lubricated before the chain is installed. The reason Tsubaki does not pre-lubricate BS attachment chains is due to the fact that attachment chains often have to function in various environments where standard lubrication cannot be used.

For special applications and on customer's requirement, Tsubaki can provide attachment chains which are pre-lubricated with a special lubricant which include:

Please consult Tsubaki for more detailed information.

Application Example
BS Standard attachment chain is used for short conveyor runs (usually less than 10 metres) and for conveying small and rea sonably lightweight products. This chain is also suitable for conditions where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.

Standard Product Range
The product range for our standard attachment chains is:

Special attachments can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

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