Cable and hose carrier designed specifically for rough environments

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp offers the light-weight and low-noise all-round 1320 cable and hose carriers from the Uniflex Advanced series as a particularly robust version for rough application environments. This cable and hose carrier with interior widths of 38 mm and 50 mm offers extra flexibility wherever extremely high torsion rigidity and stress-resistance is a must. The plastic carrier, which was awarded the Eco-Link label, fulfils the most stringent of environmental-compatibility standards set out by Tsubaki Group.

Uniflex 1320 bi50 rz-1

Light-weight. Low-noise. Robust

The 1320 models of the Uniflex Advanced series were originally developed as a custom solution to safely route bend-proof hydraulic hoses through the extendable supports of a concrete transporter. The limited construction space required a particularly compact cable carrier with small bend radii and a favorable ratio of interior to exterior width. Due to the extreme application conditions with dirt, strong vibrations and high mechanical stresses, the torsion rigidity of the cable carrier was optimized with single-part links manufactured from plastic material. A double stroke system for large unsupported sections and lateral wear surfaces make the Uniflex Advanced 1320 extremely robust. The internal damping system ensures particularly low-vibration and low-noise running of the cable carrier. The optimized chain geometry keeps the weight of the carriers of the Uniflex Advanced series extremely low.

Uniflex Advanced 1320 cut view

The plastic cable and hose carrier Uniflex Advanced 1320 by Tsubaki Kabelschlepp with interior widths of 38 mm and 50 mm is available as a cost-effective standard solution for high-stress applications. The chain is supplied with bend-radii of 28, 38, 48, 75, and 100 mm, and a pitch of 32 mm. The aluminium continuous height separators TS 0 or TS 1 are offered as matching divider systems. The dividers can be moved along the cross-section, and can be fixed in place for laterally recumbent applications, or for applications with great transverse acceleration. The divider systems are mounted on every second chain link as standard.

– 2012 August 29