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Introducing the next generation G8 Series Roller Chain incorporating Tsubaki fundamental technology.

• ISO ANSI standard roller chain.
• 1.2 times longer wear life over G7-EX thanks to the development of a rust preventative pre-lube that minimizes tackiness.
• Sizes under RS35 are the same as conventional models.

RS Roller Chain Catalogue CATDE1702.pdf

– 2018 August 2

The toughest applications require the toughest chain possible. That used to mean choosing between the corrosion resistance of stainless steel or the strength carbon steel. Now Tsubaki offers both -- in a single chain!

Tsubaki Super Stainless Chain Brochure-SinglePages-LR.PDF

New Tsubaki Stainless Steel Chain Brochure June 2018.jpg

– 2018 August 2

Click on the brochure below to experience Tsubaki's extensive range of products available for various industries.

performance thrpough innovation front page.jpg

– 2018 March 19


• Made-to-order sprockets

• Smart Tooth Wear Indicator Sprockets

• Induction hardened

• Available in taper-lock and pilot bore

For more information please contact your nearest Tsubaki Sales Office.

Sydney - 02 9704 2500

Brisbane - 07 3273 0600

Melbourne - 03 9215 2888

Perth - 08 6254 0000

New Zealand - +64 2750 82726


– 2018 January 10


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