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Chain manufacturer Tsubaki has launched the G8 Series (eighth-generation) of its RS Roller Chain and its Heavy Duty Drive Chain.

RS Roller Chain is the company's standard, designed to meet the needs of most applications. Heavy Duty Drive Chain is an endurance chain with a high maximum allowable tension for, particularly demanding situations.

The G8 RS Roller Chain offers a 20% improvement in service life over the previous designs, and a special corrosion suppressing oil is applied to the chain in the final stage of manufacture to inhibit rust and improve durability. Developed in-house, this oil does not leave a sticky residue on the chain surface, making handling cleaner and more pleasant. The new G8 chain is available in 11 sizes from RS40 to RS240.

The new G8 Heavy Duty Drive Chain offers significantly improved performance and is aimed at applications requiring the movement of large loads at low speeds. This chain provides increased strength as a result of a new heat-treatment process, thicker material, and innovative geometry while remaining the same size as the standard type of chain. It is available in three variants:

1. The RS-HT Roller Chain, whose highly precise seamless bushes have doubled the service life. This innovation significantly reduces maintenance needs.

2. The Super Roller Chain features a new link plate design which increases the load capacity by 5%-10%.

3. Super-H Roller Chain has a 20% increase in maximum load by providing a ring coin on the inner plate. It offers users the possibility of using smaller chains, which will reduce costs and save space.

The generational improvements to Tsubaki chains form part of the company's constant pursuit of ever-increasing quality. They have come at approximately ten yearly intervals since the products were initially launched in 1953. In fact, the new G8 chains are being launched in Tsubaki's centenary year, the company being founded in Japan in 1917.

Picture 1: The G8 RS Roller Chain offers a 20% improvement in service life over the previous designs, and a special corrosion suppressing oil is applied to the chain in the final stage of manufacture to inhibit rust and improve durability.

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– 2017 April 26

To meet the demands of the Australian and New Zealand markets, Tsubaki Australia has invested in a state of the art assembly facility.

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– 2017 March 21

Enjoy a clean work environment and lower your maintenance costs by installing Tsubaki Tray Packer chain in your machines.

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– 2017 March 14

A groundbreaking new surface treatment is being applied to Tsubaki's newly launched Neptune range of corrosion-resistant chain. The upgraded RS roller chain combines protection against corrosive environments and maximum chain strength.

Chain failures can be expensive to repair and disruptive to normal operations. While usually robust and reliable, chain that is used in harsh environments requires additional protection to ensure a long working life.

Tsubaki has developed a new solution which is based on a two-layer protection scheme applied to high-quality carbon steel chain components. A specially developed top coat resin protects the chain from physical impact and forms the front line defence against corrosive agents. Beneath this is a base coating which prevents oxidisation from reaching the chain.

The coating system is applied before the chain assembly processes to ensure that each chain component is completely coated. Further, the application process is at low temperature, so it will not affect chain strength, meaning that Neptune chain has the same high tensile strength and allowable load as standard Tsubaki chain.Neptune with water image.jpgThe resultant Tsubaki Neptune is a top quality carbon steel chain that can be used in wet environments and even underwater. Neptune is available as roller chain and as single- and double pitch conveyor chain. The conveyor chain is complemented by a wide range of attachments that have the same two-layer treatment.

Tests show that Neptune chain has superb resistance against alkaline chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodium Hydroxide which are commonly used in the food industry to clean and disinfect. The chain operated reliably for over 2,000 hours when tested against a 5% Sodium Hydroxide solution. Further, in salt water spray tests Neptune showed no sign of rust at all for 700 hours.

The newly developed coating is RoHS compliant and environmentally safe compared to other industry standard coatings which may contain harmful hexavalent chromium or other hazardous substances, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, or arsenic. It is, therefore, ideal for use in those industries that are already phasing out hexavalent chromium from their plant.

Typical food and beverage use for Neptune chain include food conveyors, meat processing, wash down areas, high humidity areas, cold environments, food packing machines and spiral conveyors.

For more information on the G8 Neptune, please go to

– 2017 March 14


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