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It was probably Leonardo de Vinci who first conceived the idea of roller chain. Remarkably, some of his sketches closely resemble present day designs. In more recent industrial times however, the common use of roller chain started with its application to bicycles over one hundred years ago.

For over ninty of those one hundred years, Tsubaki has been devoted to improving the quality of roller chain, and in so doing has become the world's leading manufacturer of roller chain and other chain products. Our ongoing emphasis on innovation has produced a huge variety of types, sizes, and materials to meet diverse demands in a wide range of applications.

Hand in hand with this innovation is our overriding aim to develop super high performance and outstanding wear life standards that far outstrip the nearest competitors. The end result is that we now offer the widest range of products, from standard RS roller chain to custom-made, special application chain for every conceivable industry.

And now, as the world’s number one supplier of chain products, Tsubaki carries these same high standards into the twenty first century. At Tsubaki, we are constantly searching for tomorrow's technology to bring you the chain of the future - today.


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