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Steel Chain Products

For more than 90 years TSUBAKI has produced a range of chain products on the cutting edge of quality and performance. As a result, TSUBAKI now leads the world in the production of steel roller and conveyor chain. Products such as American standard ANSI (RS) roller chain & British standard (BS) roller chain, engineered chain with a variety of attachments available, conveyor chain, motorcycle chain and numerous special application chains help end users meet their power transmission and conveying requirements.


Plastic Chain Products

Tsubaki steel & plastic top chain has been at the forefront of development of steel & plastic chain.  With a focus on the design, manufacturing and application of thermoplastic chains, modular belting and 3D conveyor systems we have established products to suits a wide range of industries.  

Cable Carrier SystemCable Carrier Systems

KabelSchlepp dynamic cable and hose carrier/management systems are the active umbilical between the constantly moving and stationary components of your machinery. Its purpose is to safely manage the electrical, pneumatic and/or hydraulic energy, signal and data on all such equipment to ensure their long-term trouble free functionality. From a basic cable carrier / drag chain system solution to a cost effective turn-key solution for the most difficult customer applications – KabelSchlepp has done it all.

Power Transmission Products

Innovation at Tsubaki doesn’t stop with roller chain and conveyor chain. An extensive range of motion control and power transmission products is also included in Tsubaki’s product line-up. Electro-mechanical linear actuators, screwjacks, one way clutches, shaft couplings, overload protection devices (both mechanical and electronic), torque limiters, shock dampers, locking collars, gearmotors, speed reducers and variable speed drives form part of our high quality PT Component range.

Earthmoving Products

Ballantine, as part of the worldwide Tsubaki group, manufactures a wide range of product to suit the earthmoving industry. Products include chains, sprockets and associated parts for all makes and models of elevating scraper and trencher machines. Quality through innovation, means that Tsubaki can supply the right product for the right machine.

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