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Roller & Heavy Industry/Engineering Chain

Since 1917, Tsubaki has manufactured a range a chain products on the cutting edge of quality and performance. Our constant pursuit of improvement and innovation has resulted in Tsubaki leading the world in the production of steel roller and conveyor chain. Tsubaki has everything from drive chains for transmission, corrosion resistant chains for extreme conditions, engineered chain with a variety of attachments, conveyor chain, motorcycle chain and products such as our Lambda lube free chain to provide solutions to customer specific needs. At Tsubaki, we have the chain products to suit any application.


Power Transmission Components

Innovation at Tsubaki doesn’t stop with roller chain and conveyor chain. An extensive range of motion control and power transmission products is also included in Tsubaki’s product line-up. Electro-mechanical linear actuators, screwjacks, one way clutches, shaft couplings, overload protection devices (both mechanical and electronic), torque limiters, shock dampers, locking collars, gearmotors, speed reducers and variable speed drives form part of our high quality PT Component range.


Cable Carrier Systems

Our product range covers all industries, from small cable carriers used in vending machines, to giant drag chains weighing several tonnes used on offshore oil rigs.

We supply steel, stainless steel and plastic cableveyors with plastic or aluminium supports, in standard sizes or tailor-made in millimetre precision units.

Tsubaki continuous flex cables have been specially developed for optimal use in dynamic power and control cable and hose carriers. We offer a selection of highly flexible cables that are cost effective and extremely durable.



Ballantine, as part of the world wide Tsubaki group, has been manufacturing a wide range of product to suit the earthmoving industry since 1959. Products include chains, sprockets and associated parts for all makes and models of elevating scraper, trencher and Horizontal Directional Drilling equipment including Ditch Witch, Vermeer, CASE, Caterpillar and John Deere. Quality through innovation means that Tsubaki can supply the right product for the right machine.


Tsubaki Australia Pty Limited

Tsubaki Australia Sydney

Tsubaki Australia Pty Limited is a subsidiary of the Tsubakimoto Chain Co. of Japan. We are a supplier of power transmission products; industrial drive chains, attachment chains, small and large size conveyor chains; Related products include cam clutches, power cylinders, torque limiters, sprockets, cable carrier systems, flexible cables and power lock shaft locking devices. The company also offers conveyors and complete materials handling systems. Tsubaki Australia can provide custom made attachment chains, special cut to length chains, a vast array of cable carrying chains and cables from our "Centre of Excellence" facility in Dandenong, Victoria.

Our service territory includes the following countries : Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. If you are looking for information from another area please visit the Tsubakimoto Chain Co. main website.

The Tsubaki Group includes 76 locations in 23 countries. Our production and sales networks are now more developed than ever.