Plastic Attachment Chain Series

ANSI Single Pitch Plastic Chain

Whether your operation requires a sanitary environment, is exposed to corrosive chemicals, is heated to extreme temperatures, runs through a freezer, is exposed to the outdoors or is affected by excessive moisture: our specially designed and tested chains will outlast your current chains and contribute to a cost effective application.

ANSI P Plastic Chain
ANSI P Chain consists of polyacetal chain links and SUS304 stainless steel pins and operates with standard roller chain sprockets. Based on power transmission roller chain, Tsubaki ANSI P chain has a fl at top side for conveying use. The combination of engineering plastic and stainless steel makes it a lube-free operation chain. For special environments special plastics are available on request (electro-conductive, chemical resistant and heat resistant series). The working temperature range is: -20°C to +80°C. For details on corrosion resistance, please refer to the table in the back of this catalogue.

Standard Product Range
Tsubaki has a wide variety of chains for corrosive environments; our standard product range is as follows:

Special attachments can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

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