Power Transmission Components

Innovation at Tsubaki doesn't stop with roller chain and conveyor chain. An extensive range of motion control and power transmission products is also included in Tsubaki's product line-up. Electro-mechanical linear actuators, screwjacks, one way clutches, shaft couplings, overload protection devices (both mechanical and electronic), torque limiters, shock dampers, locking collars, gearmotors, speed reducers and variable speed drives form part of our high quality PT Component range.

Cam Clutch Interchange Tool

Product Matrix

Classification Type Series Features
Cam Clutches / Backstops European Standard BB Bearing with Cam Cage (with 6200 Series Bearing Dimensions) for Light Duty Applications
TSS / TFS Non-Bearing Supported Type Clutch for Light Duty
MZEU-K High Torque, Medium Speed Back Stop and Overrunning Clutch
BREU-K High Speed Bearing Supported, Overrunning Clutch
BSEU Back Stop Designed for Medium Duty Applications
BR High Speed Clutch for Internal Use (such as gearboxes)
MDEU General Clutch for Light to Medium Duty
American Standard 200 Series American Standard Light Duty Clutch
MG General Clutch for Medium to Heavy Duty
PB Special Clutch Designed for the Lithographic Printing Industry
Japanese Standard MZ Economical Alternative to the MG Series Clutch
MZ-G MZ Clutch with Ground Surface for Internal Installations
MI MG Clutch with Special Cams for Indexing Purposes
MX High-Tec Clutch for Specific Applications
LD Japanese Specification Clutch for Light Duty Applications
BS Back Stop for Heavy Duty Applications
BS-HS High Speed Back Stop for Heavy Duty Applications
Others SR Single Revolution Clutch for Indexing Applications
OB Box Clutch for High-Speed Overrunning Applications
Specials Taylor Made Clutches for any Purpose, particularly Original Equipment Manufacturers
Linear Actuators Battery Type LPF For Light to Medium Duty Applications
General Type LPG / LPT For Medium to Heavy Duty Applications
Screw Jack JW Manual and Motorized Screw Jack for Lifting, Tilting and Positioning
Safety Devices Torque Limiter TL Overload Slipping Devise
Shock Guard TGB Overload, Ball Detent Protection Devise with Automatic Reset
TGM Overload, Ball Detent Protection Devise with Automatic Reset & Sealed Construction
TGX Overload, Ball Detent Protection Devise with Automatic Reset & Non- Backlash
TGZ Overload, Ball Detent Protection Devise Ideal for High RPM Applications & Manual Reset (On-Off Clutch)
TGA Overload of Axial, Ball Detent Protection Device with Automatic Reset
Shock Relay TSBSS Motor Current Monitoring Device, Economical, Self Holding Type
TSBED Motor Current Monitoring Devise, Digital Display, Economical, Selectable Auto/Self Reset
TSBSD Motor Current Monitoring Devise, Digital Display, Selectable Auto/Self Reset
Control Devices Torque Keeper TFK / MK Slipping Clutch for Accumulation, Braking and Dragging Applications
Shock Damper J, Mini M, MC, Mini S Fixed or Adjustable, Hydraulic Shock Damper
Couplings Disc Coupling NEF / NES Backlash-free, No Lubrication, High Tortional Rigidity for Servo Motor System
Chain Coupling CR Simple Coupling Devise for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Applications
Bellows Coupling BJD, BJT Exact Transmission of Angular Motion & Torque
Echt-Flex Coupling NEF, NEH The Ultimate Disc Coupling, Excellent Flexible Coupling
Jaw-Flex Coupling L, LS Light Duty Flexible Coupling, Simple Construction
Neo-Flex Coupling NF The Coupling for Vibration & Shock Loads, Durable
Nylon Chain Coupling E, H Non-lubricated, Clean Flexible Coupling
Locking Devices Power Lock PL Keyless Shaft and Hub Locking Devices
Geared Motor / Gearbox CB Gear Motor CB Geared Motor with Clutch/Brake Between Motor & Gearbox
Geared Motors (40w-5.5kw) GMT, TA, CSM, HMTA, GMTA Smaller Range of Efficient Inline & Right Angle Geared Motors
Helical Power Drive HDR, HDM Compact & Powerful Right Angle, Parallel Shaft Reducer
Hypoid Motors TA Low Noise High Efficiency Inline or Right Angle Reducer
Miter Gear Box ED Right Angle Shaft Type Gearbox
Shaft-Mounted Reducer (Helical) S, B, F Rugged Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer
Troi Drive TD High Capacity, Compact Efficient Worm Gear Box
Worm Power Drive EW/EWJ, SW/SWJ Accurate, Compact & Affordable Worm Reducers

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