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Tsubaki and Quality

Quality Policy ISO 9001

Tsubaki Australia Pty Ltd is engaged in the business of importing, wholesaling & distributing mechanical and electro mechanical power transmission products and the provision of engineering services and technical support. This policy applies to all of our branches throughout the organisation.

The purpose of this policy is to confirm our commitment to meeting the quality standards expected by our customers in the delivery of the products and/or services that we supply to them.

Our quality objectives are to:

  • use the Quality Management System as a tool in achieving best practice outcomes across the organisation;
  • deliver product and service in keeping with our customers' expectations. We will do this by consistently and accurately applying all our procedures. Customer satisfaction will be gauged by recording customer feedback in the Company's CRM system and in the monthly Branch Reports, and monitoring credit notes generated by TAL errors and keeping these below 1% of all invoices;
  • improve customer satisfaction by increasing staff technical knowledge and staff awareness of customer requirements. Knowledge requirements and training schedules will be set and reviewed every year;
  • continuously improve our processes.

To implement this policy, we shall focus on the needs of our business with particular reference to consistently meeting our customers' requirements and statutory obligations. Our quality management system will provide mechanisms for detecting system shortfalls and for stimulating process improvements.

Tsubaki Australia Pty Ltd will adopt procedures and disciplines to ensure that:

  • the system is effectively implemented by undertaking relevant skills training and conducting appropriate quality awareness training;
  • Compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and other relevant quality standards.
  • Consider prevention based systems and controls to foster more effective decision making
  • Treat external product and service provides (Suppliers and Contractors) as integral asset of the company and work closely with them to meet customer's needs
  • responsibilities for quality are established by communicating these responsibilities clearly to all employees;
  • the policy and procedures continue to be appropriate by initiating regular reviews to check its effectiveness and ongoing relevance, and the company regularly review the needs and expectations of our customers and initiate continuous improvement activities to meet these expectations.