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Tsubaki Advantage in the Food Packaging Industry

Our customer in the food service packaging industry has been saving $5,700 per year, by replacing their chain with the Tsubaki RS40 Lambda chain! ⛓️

Here's how we did it:

SITUATION ➡️ The customer was experiencing premature wear on chain.

PROBLEM ➡️ The customer was unable to lubricate the chain due to risk of contaminating the product on the production line. The chain life was only receiving 2 months.

SOLUTION ➡️ Tsubaki installed RS40 Lambda chain. The customer is now seeing a lifespan of 12 months since changing to Lambda chain compared to 2 months. This is saving them a lot of labour time and money!

Contact us on: 03 9215 2888 to see if we can help your business save time and money with the Tsubaki Advantage!