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Tsubaki Advantage in Engineering Services

We saved our customer unexpected costs of up to $1,002,800 through our engineering services! ⛓️ Here's how we did it:

SITUATION ➡️ The application had fallen behind in routine inspections and maintenance reporting. The customer engaged Tsubaki to do offline inspections.

PROBLEM ➡️ Maintaining the chain to manufacturer's standards was not being achieved. Lubrication and checks on the chain had not been completed regularly. Figure one shows a logded attached bucket, due to failed inspections.

TSUBAKI SOLUTION ✔️✔️ We offered product support when buying Tsubaki products. Trained field service engineer to be onsite when client requested. Onsite inspections followed up with reports to maintain product life.


  • $200,000 per hour from down time due to damage of chain and sprocket.
  • Up to 5 hrs downtime x labour of $90 per hour x 4 serviceman.
  • Plus chain spares $1,000+
  • Minimizing further product down time with routine inspections and diagnosis.

= TOTAL SAVING OF UP TO $1,002,800 of unexpected costs from inspections, downtime, material and labor costs ...🙌

Contact us on: 03 9215 2888 to see if we can help your business save with a Tsubaki solution.