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COVID-19 Response Plan

Tsubaki Australia is committed to preventing the risk of transmitting COVID-19 virus to any staff, customers or the wider community throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Currently no Tsubaki employee or family member has contracted the virus.

In order to maintain the safety of our staff, customers, suppliers and their families, we have developed the protocols below to prevent the contracting or passing on of COVID-19.

  • No interstate travel without senior management approval
  • Restricted access to our branches for all visitors to essential visits only
  • Implement work from home for those employees that can work from home
  • Keep open commonly used doors, such as breakroom doors to reduce the touchpoints that employees encounter often
  • Practice social distancing where possible. This includes spreading staff apart where possible and work from home for some employees
  • Only essential meetings (internal and external with limited attendance)
  • Take lunch break at desk

If any staff member in one of our branches is diagnosed with Covid-19, we will be closing that office for 14 days and all staff will be required to get themselves tested and self-isolate.

We encourage everyone to practice good hygiene and if anyone experiences symptoms of Covid-19, to immediately contact their doctor.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your Tsubaki representative or the undersigned.

Kind Regards,

Director - Sales & Marketing