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Case Study - Feeder Breaker Chain

We saved our customer in the mining industry $480,000 + $2,880 in labour costs through Tsubaki chain and services. Here is the breakdown of how we did it:


The customer engaged Tsubaki to provide a better maintenance chain. Flight bars were continuously being bent and damaged as raw and foreign material were being dumped into the feeder. Site found that the current 'extended pin type' chain and flight bars were hard to change out and required a lot of downtime to do so.

Tsubaki offered a solution that included...

• Tsubaki provided an easier maintenance lug style option for site to trial. With options of different grades of steel pending on foreign material to coal dilution.

• We provided the customer with product support when buying Tsubaki products.

• Trained field serviceman to be onsite when required.



• Minimising down time with flight bars being easily accessible to change-out anywhere on the top side of feeder. Taking 20 minutes to change out one damaged flight saved site hours of downtime and labour costs..

• Re-use of flight bars up to 3 times at next chain change out, saves on replacement costs.

• Correctly maintaining chain specifications from onsite field service report recommendations from Tsubaki.

• $90 per hour for trade servicemen x 4.

• $60,000 per hour of downtime.

• Went from 12 hours down to 4 hours of down time.

➔TOTAL CUSTOMER SAVINGS = $480,000 + $2,880 labour!

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