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A Guide to Long Travel Cable Carriers (TKHD and TKHD-R)

Cable Carrier systems (Tsubaki-Kabelschlepp Heavy Duty) are an essential component in many industrial applications.
They provide a safe and organised way to guide and protect your hoses and cables. They offer protection to vulnerable cables and hoses, creating a tunnel-like barrier designed to reduce wear and damage and prevent tangling.

Cable carriers are essential components in many industrial applications, providing a safe and organized way to guide and protect cables and hoses.

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Tsubaki Kabelschlepp Heavy Duty Series

Why Our Tsubaki Kabelschlepp Heavy Duty Series is REALLY Heavy Duty ⬇️

It is the specialty of the Tsubaki Kabelschlepp Heavy Duty series - long travel lengths. Whether in ship-to-shore cranes, facilities for bulk material handling or other applications - our popular heavy-duty cable carrier are not easy to outperform when it comes to long distances.

The TKHD series has a high push/pull force transmission. It can be used in gliding, rolling and unsupported application. In gliding application, replaceable gliding shoes ensure a longer service life of the system.

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Our Lambda Chain Family

Increase your chain life with Tsubaki Lambda Chain! Lambda Chain is a lubrication free chain, using special oil impregnated sintered bushes. The oil- impregnated bushes use NSF H1 certified lube, ideal for food equipment. This food grade lubricant gives you ULTRA long life without any additional lubrication. Saving your business time and maintenance costs.

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Our new drive system - Pin Gear Drive Units

Consisting of a pin mechanism used with a pin wheel and pin rack, and a gear with a unique tooth profile, our new drive system - Pin Gear Drive Units offer limitless design possibilities for linear and rotational drive sections.

Below are some of the key benefits:

✔️Flexible layout covering a wide range of sizes.

✔️Easy installation and easy to replace.

✔️They outperform large gears in terms of cost and tangential force.

✔️ Operate reliably in a dusty environment.

✔️Save space in a rotating drive device.

✔️ Open and close gates.

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