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Case Study - Feeder Breaker Chain

We saved our customer in the mining industry $480,000 + $2,880 in labour costs through Tsubaki chain and services. Here is the breakdown of how we did it:


The customer engaged Tsubaki to provide a better maintenance chain. Flight bars were continuously being bent and damaged as raw and foreign material were being dumped into the feeder. Site found that the current 'extended pin type' chain and flight bars were hard to change out and required a lot of downtime to do so.

Tsubaki offered a solution that included...

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Why Durability is Key for Today's Chains

Since the industrial revolution, roller chain design has remained relatively stable. However, the most crucial developments have responded to the need to increase chain durability and lifespan. Not only has this improved safety, but these advances have driven down total cost while improving operational productivity.

Established in 1917, Tsubakimoto Chain Company is the world's premier manufacturer of power transmission products with strong market positions in premium quality industrial drive & conveyor chains and associated power transmission components such as cam clutches, reducers & linear actuators. With a turnover exceeding $2 Billion US Dollars & 9000 employees, the Tsubaki group includes 41 manufacturing locations and 81 group companies worldwide. Our production and sales networks are now more developed than ever...

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Case Study - Heavy Duty Roller Chain

We've saved a customer in the transport industry $60,000 - by replacing an existing product with Tsubaki Heavy Duty Roller Chain (HT Series)...

CUSTOMER PROBLEM: The customers chain was subject to large shock loads which created shock-induced bending fractures.This caused constant chain failures, creating down time & urgent on-site repairs.

✔️Tsubaki offered a solution that included...

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New Attachment Chain Configurator

Whatever your industry.... keep it moving with Tsubaki Attachment Chains. ⛓️ Now you can easily build your standard attachment chain spacing and configuration using our new Attachment Chain Configurator on our website...

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Case Study Lambda Chain

Our customer has saved $46,050 - and is still increasing through lambda chain...

CUSTOMER SITUATION: Competitor product, RS10B-1 chain was being fitted on all drives. The fibre product from manufacturing was causing the chain to deteriorate fast and fail after 3 months, causing production problems..

THE PROBLEM: : Frequent downtime and high chain consumption due to high fibre dust in the manufacturing environment. Due to finished product being on the drive, chains could not be lubricated and our customer was replacing chains every 3 months.

See our Lambda chain installed...

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Titan Chain - Our Latest Innovation

Tsubaki's latest innovation, Tsubaki Titan Chain, is designed to offer previously unobtainable wear life in harsh applications, like in abrasive and dusty conditions, such as those found in timber mills, cement mills, or brickworks.

Created by the company's global research and development team, Tsubaki Titan Chain combines the best features of the existing premium GT4 Winner chain with new specifications designed to deliver the ultimate in wear performance.


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