Cleanroom Cable Carrier


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Cleanroom Cable Carrier

The Cleanroom Series contributes to reducing the amount of debris generated.


A cable solution that achieves zero debris generation. Introducing a system that incorporates special cables and tubes for cleanroom operation conditions.


  • Clean: Cleanliness Class ISO Class 1 certified
  • Long-life: Over 10 million cycles tested
  • Silent: Noise level less than 38dB (A)*


is a free-standing flat cable system that makes full use of cable carrier technology.


  • Usable with long travel stroke, up to 3 meter
  • Clean: Cleanliness Class ISO Class 2 tested
  • Minimizes bounce
  • Low debris generation
  • Low noise
  • Variety of cables available
  • Lightweight
  • Space savings

Cableveyor® TKR Series

Low noise and low debris generation to help the environment


  • Low noise
  • Low debris generation
  • Smooth bending and low vibration
  • Easy to extend and reduce by link

For details information about Cleanroom Cable Carrier Series, please check out our catalog here Cableveyor Cleanroom Series


Extremely light, extremely quiet 31dB (A)* and low-vibration for high speeds and accelerations


  • For high accelerations up to 300 m∕s²
  • Extremely long service life: ≥ 25 million motion cycles
  • For high operating speed up to 40m∕s

For details information about QUANTUM® Series, please check out our catalog here QUANTUM® Series

* Tested: Q060.100.100 by TÜV Rheinland.
The sound pressure level for the measured area was measured at a distance of 0.5 m for smooth and jerky movements.