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Match & Tag Service


When even more accurate tolerances are required, Tsubaki can offer an effective solution with the Match & Tag Service. This can be useful for attachment chains which have to run parallel in pairs and where a minimum of chain length tolerance is required.

Match & Tag Service: High Accuracy, Narrow Tolerance Service
For Tsubaki; quality is second nature- and so for customers with specific application requirements, we are able to supply chains with a specific length tolerance, or even pairs & multiple chains length matched and tagged in the same way for easy identification and installation. This is as a result of the sophisticated chain length measurement equipment in our manufacturing centers.


  • BS Single Pitch sizes RS08B to RS32B
  • ANSI Single Pitch sizes RS40 to RS100 (including Heavy Duty Series)
  • ANSI Double Pitch sizes RF2040 to RF2100

For other sizes and specific demands please contact Tsubaki, our Engineering Department will explain all options available.

When chains have to run in parallel for conveying purposes in for instance packaging machines or when a minimum of difference in chain length is required in lifting applications (accumulator towers in the steel and carpet industry) Tsubaki excels in quality performance. We can guarantee a maximum chain length difference of 0.50 mm independent of the total chain length demanded by our customers!