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Tsubaki chain wear indicators now available in large sizes

Tsubaki, the leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial chain and power transmission components, has expanded its line-up of chain wear indicators with the addition of larger sizes.

chain wear indicators

The new BS Large Size Indicator is available in sizes RS20B to RS48B and the ANSI Large Size Indicator - covers sizes from RS100 to RS240. These complement the existing BS Set which is used with sizes RF06B to RS16B and the ANSI Set for sizes RS35 to RS80. The new large size indicators are available to purchase as individual items, rather than as part of a set.

The Tsubaki Chain Wear Indicator enables plant and machinery engineers to measure roller chain condition and determine critical wear in one simple operation. In use, one end is shaped to fit snuggly over a roller, and the tip of the other end indicates the degree of wear by highlighting the total elongation over some links. As such, they are a valuable tool for helping keep machinery in top condition and for minimizing unexpected chain failures that could lead to costly production downtime.

All hard working roller chain will stretch over time, and equally, it is inevitable that the sprockets with which it engages will wear. The stretch will cause a loss of tension, reducing the transmission efficiency. This wear is likely to cause loss of alignment accuracy for the overall drive system, leading to repercussions in positioning and locating duties, reduced efficiency and an increase in noise and vibration. If wear increases to a critical point, the chain will begin riding and jumping on the sprockets which cause shock loads, which in turn will further accelerate wear.

These problems are avoided by regularly monitoring the chain for stretch and changing it before problems become manifest. Tsubaki's chain wears indicator gauges are made to high-quality specifications and are resistant to corrosion. Their robust construction ensures accurate measuring every time over a long working life.

Photo 1: Tsubaki chain wear indicators now available in large sizes and to purchase as individual items.