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Articles from April 2021

Titan Chain - Our Latest Innovation

Tsubaki's latest innovation, Tsubaki Titan Chain, is designed to offer previously unobtainable wear life in harsh applications, like in abrasive and dusty conditions, such as those found in timber mills, cement mills, or brickworks.

Created by the company's global research and development team, Tsubaki Titan Chain combines the best features of the existing premium GT4 Winner chain with new specifications designed to deliver the ultimate in wear performance.


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Case Study - Tsubaki Engineering Services

Here is how we saved our customer unexpected costs of $1,002,800 through our engineering services...

CUSTOMER SITUATION: The customers application had fallen behind in routine inspections and maintenance reporting. The customer engaged Tsubaki to do offline reports.

THE PROBLEM: Maintaining the chain to the manufacturer's standards was not currently being achieved. Lubrication and checks on the chain had not been completed regularly. Field inspection by a trained Tsubaki Serviceman made sure chain was lubricated correctly, elongation measurements were taken and picked up on reclaimer bucket attachment lodged between the head sprocket and chain. If inspection was not completed, upon machine start-up chain and/or drive sprocket may have been damaged or critical failure could have occurred causing major downtime. Figure one shows the lodged attachment bucket.


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