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Case Study Lambda Chain

Our customer has saved $46,050 - and is still increasing through lambda chain...

CUSTOMER SITUATION: Competitor product, RS10B-1 chain was being fitted on all drives. The fibre product from manufacturing was causing the chain to deteriorate fast and fail after 3 months, causing production problems..

THE PROBLEM: : Frequent downtime and high chain consumption due to high fibre dust in the manufacturing environment. Due to finished product being on the drive, chains could not be lubricated and our customer was replacing chains every 3 months.

See our Lambda chain installed...


TSUBAKI SOLUTION:✔️ We offered a solution with Tsubaki 10B-1 lubrication free Lambda chain. Once the Lambda chain was installed, the chain hasn't been replaced and is still operating after 18 months in service. This has been a huge cost saving to the business. It is broken down further below.


- Lost production time due to replacing existing chain= $3,000 per hour - 2.5 hours downtime x 4 times / year = $45,000 over eighteen months.

- The labour costs to replace chains - 6 times over eighteen months = $1,050.

= TOTAL SAVINGS OF $46,050 ...and still going.

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