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Case Study - Heavy Duty Roller Chain

We've saved a customer in the transport industry $60,000 - by replacing an existing product with Tsubaki Heavy Duty Roller Chain (HT Series)...

CUSTOMER PROBLEM: The customers chain was subject to large shock loads which created shock-induced bending fractures.This caused constant chain failures, creating down time & urgent on-site repairs.

✔️Tsubaki offered a solution that included...

• Tsubaki inspected the application and found that not only had the chain broken, but the sprockets showed stress fractures & cracking, which caused the sprockets to split.

• Tsubaki replaced the standard RS80-1 Roller chain with Heavy duty roller chain HT series.

• Supplied in cut lengths ready to install.

• Upgraded sprockets from low grade cast iron to machined structural carbon steel with induction Hardening.

• Sprocket machined ready for install.


• Less Downtime and on site repairs of failed chain = $10,000.

• Fewer production losses. Average breakdown production losses = $50,000.

• As the chain no longer fails, this eliminates the possibility for the asphalt to harden on the conveyor belt, resulting in replacement of the conveyor belt drive system. To repair or replace the conveyor belt drive system costs the customer =  $150,000.

SAVINGS = $60,000!🙌


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