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Case Study - Fork Lift Industry

We saved our customer in the Fork Lift industry $25,000 through replacing existing chain, with Tsubaki Leaf Chain...

➔Customer Problem

Our client was experiencing frequent chain replacements on their fleet of hire forklifts. They were using a cheaper brand of chain compared to Tsubaki, and were having issues with parts not interlacing and not lasting the required service period. .

Tsubaki offered a solution that included...

• We offered premium quality Tsubaki products with precision tolerance. The longer chain life resulted in reduced servicing and call outs.

• This gave our customers peace of mind in reducing downtime and then having no safety issues on their fork trucks.

Leaf chain.png

➔Savings Breakdown...

• Existing chain costs: $90,000 anually.

• Tsubaki Leaf Chain solution: $55,000 anually.

➔Customer savings = $25,000 anually!

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