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Our new Surface-Treated Chain

Do you have trouble with chain corrosion and costs?

A corroded chain can cause breakage, leading to production shut down and damage to your machines - which can result in major costs to your business. Our new Surface-Treated Neptune chain is the solution to your problems!

For your reliable production, it is vital to prevent chain rust in a corrosive environment. The most common solution to chain corrosion is to use stainless steel chain. However, stainless steel chain strength is much lower than that of a steel chain, this causes problems such as increased costs to and chain size - this is why we have created the new Surface-Treated Neptune chain.

The upgraded Surface-Treated Neptune chain has...

  • Superb resistance to corrosion, chemicals and rust
  • Can withstand 1,000 hours of exposure to salt water
  • Excellent resistance to alkaline chemicals
  • HIGHER strength and LOWER costs
  • Is environmentally considered

Surface-Treated Neptune Chan has improved resistance to chemicals and salt water!

While the zinc-based undercoating of the special coating is remained, the special resin coating has changed. This new special surface treatment is used on all 5 parts of the chain ensuring its strength and high resistance to corrosion.

Maximising production time and minimising your downtime and costs.


If you want more information on how our upgraded Surface-Treated Neptune chain can help your business thrive, click the link below to get in touch with, our sales team...

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