ANSI Lambda Neptune™ Chain


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ANSI Lambda Neptune™ Chain

Tsubaki's Lambda Chains were the first in the industry to use a special oil-impregnated bush. Since their launch in 1988, they have been adopted for diverse industries and applications, and their performance has been highly rated. Tsubaki has a wide line-up of lube-free, long life products that help customers reduce costs.

ANSI Lambda Neptune™ Chain is a Tsubaki ANSI Lambda chain that has undergone a special surface treatment. The link plates have a special two stage layer applied in order to provide the maximum protection from the operating or environmental conditions. (Spring clips are SUS301). Both ANSI Lambda Neptune™ rollers and pins have undergone a special coating designed to resist the corrosive conditions as well as the severe dynamic contact between roller and sprocket. This chain is suitable for use in applications that are subject to alkaline cleaning and environments exposed to seawater, acid-rain and other adverse weather conditions. This chain does not contain any chemically hazardous substances such as Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Cadmium and Mercury as regulated by RoHS√. The kilowatt ratings are the same as those of the corresponding BS chain with a working temperature range: -10°C to +150°C. Above +60°C a special high-temperature lubrication is required.

  • √ RoHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Single Strand Details

lambda-neptune ANSI Lambda N.E.P. Chain
Dimensions in mm
Tsubaki Chain No. Pitch
Roller Diameter
Inner Width
RS40-LMD-NEP-1 12.70 1/2" 7.95 7.55
RS50-LMD-NEP-1 15.875 5/8" 10.16 9.26
RS60-LMD-NEP-1 19.05 3/4" 11.91 12.28
RS80-LMD-NEP-1 25.40 1" 15.88 15.48
Dimensions in mm
Tsubaki Chain No. Pin Link Plate
H (max.)
RS40-LMD-NEP-1 3.97 8.78 10.45 20.00 2.00 1.50 12.00
RS50-LMD-NEP-1 5.09 10.75 12.45 24.00 2.40 2.00 15.00
RS60-LMD-NEP-1 5.96 13.75 15.65 32.00 3.20 2.40 18.10
RS80-LMD-NEP-1 7.94 17.15 20.25 39.90 4.00 3.20 24.10
Dimensions in mm
Tsubaki Chain No. Min. Tensile Strength acc. to ANSI
Av. Tensile Strength acc. to Tsubaki
Approx. Mass
RS40-LMD-NEP-1 15.2 19.1 0.70
RS50-LMD-NEP-1 24.0 31.4 1.11
RS60-LMD-NEP-1 34.2 44.1 1.72
RS80-LMD-NEP-1 61.2 78.5 2.77
  • Connecting links are clip type for sizes up to RS40-LMD-NEP to RS60-LMD-NEP, and cotter type for size RS80-LMD-NEP.
  • Drive and Conveyor series Lambda chain cannot be intercoupled or interchanged.
  • Due to increased roller link plate thickness, Drive Lambda connecting links are required.
  • Due to increased roller link plate thickness, the pins are longer. Check for machine interference.
  • When a single pitch offset link is used, please calculate a 35% reduction in fatigue strength.
  • The listed sizes are stock items, other chain sizes are available on request.